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Close Proximity Optimization Solution

Everyone knows that pushing cacheable content up to a CDN and serving it from the edge, closer to the user, is an excellent way speed up your web site. There are also other proven methods like completely re-writing your web site using industry best practices or utilizing Front End Optimization (FEO) to serve your web pages more efficiently. These are proven methods but they can only take you so far.

The newest challenge is improving performance across a Wi-Fi or mobile network to wireless devices. These devices have become the preferred method of browsing and downloading information.

How can you speed up your site from the server-side to mobile and wireless devices?

Badu has a unique approach that is complementary to the methods described above. A certain amount of content comes from the origin servers of your web site – dynamic content that changes often and cannot be cached at the edge of a CDN. This content is increasing because of the interactive nature of most web sites today. This content is often slow because it needs to be served a long distance and is subject to normal Internet congestion and delays.

Our approach is simple: deploy WarpTCP™ close to the your web servers either as a product in your data center or cloud or as a service, to optimize all of your dynamic content directly to browsers. Optimizing the origin content can increase the speed of page loads anywhere from 5% – 30% depending on how much content is coming from the origin servers and the network distance of the user.

For more information, check out our WarpService product.