Many people never come back if the video buffers and stops.

Live & On-Demand Video Delivery with no interruption

Moving videos to the edge of a content delivery network has helped streaming performance a great deal. On a wired internet connection, buffering and other interruptions is becoming more rare unless the network is extremely congested.

The problem arises when this same video content travels across a Wi-Fi network or Cellular network to a mobile device. This is important because 71% of all Internet traffic now travels across one of these two end-points. Wireless networks have there own set of performance problems caused by not only congestion but also interference from other wireless networks , distance from the wireless router or transfer from radio tower to radio tower.

Badu has created technology to address this specific type of latency. Any business that serves streaming content (Live or VOD) can deploy WarpTCP™ in their network to deliver better end to end performance. The result of our approach is (1) videos start faster and (2) at a higher bitrate, with (3) less buffering.

For more information, download our Streaming Video white paper