Product Brief

WarpEngine™ TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpEngine™ Carrier Edition is a scalable network optimization proxy appliance that can handle millions of TCP sessions simultaneously with little to no overhead. It can be deployed at the customer premise for Enterprise applications, in a Service Provider’s core network or in front of 100’s to 1000’s of servers in a data center.

Performance for WarpEngine™ depends on network variables such as round trip time (RTT), packet loss %, available bandwidth, size of content, and other factors.   It is based on Badu’s WarpTCP™ technology, which was developed specifically to perform well in wireless networks.

Product Brief

WarpEngine Deployment Diagram

WarpTCP™ — Smarter Congestion Control

TCP was invented 35+ years ago with guaranteed delivery of data in mind, it was never designed for use in massive cloud infrastructures or today’s overly crowded wireless networks. Given the jittery nature of today’s highly-shared wireless networks, TCP often overreacts to congestion and other network variations which results in a drastic drop in data throughput. This overreacting causes a reduction in utilized available bandwidth, which results in a generally poor user experience.

WarpTCP™ is a set of intelligent algorithms that maximize TCP throughput in the face of network variations such as delay, jitter, packet loss and random bandwidth fluctuation. It was especially designed to maintain high TCP throughput in wireless networks such as LTE and Wi-Fi. Compared to competing TCP acceleration solutions, WarpTCP™ does not overreact to temporary or false-alarm congestion, minimizes re-transmissions, and recovers faster from a congestion event.

Use Cases

WarpEngine™ is ideal for deployment in the use cases below:

  • Mobile Operators core network to improve throughput for Mobile Last Mile
  • Internet Service Provider core network to improve throughput for Last Mile
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Enterprise hybrid cloud architecture application optimization
  • Retail/eCommerce sites requiring fast web page loads
  • Organizations requiring large file transfers over long network distances
  • VOD (video on demand) and Video Streaming service optimization


The WarpEngine™ benchmarks presented below were measured on a live production LTE network. WarpEngine™ completes downloads in half the time compared to Standard TCP.

Free Trial

Discovering the benefits that WarpEngine™ delivers is as easy as asking for a free 30-day trial. Click the “Free Trial” button below to request your free copy of the software. It is risk free and easy to test.

Technical Specifications

FeatureWarpEngine™ Carrier Edition
Form factor1U rack, 20″ rack depth
ProcessorIntel® Xeon® processor E5-2430 v2
Cache2.5MB per core with 6 cores
ChipsetIntel® C602
Memory16GB RDIMM, 1600MT/s, low-voltage, dual rank, x8 data width
I/O slots2 PCIe slots:

  • 1 x8 slot with x4 bandwith, 2.0, half-height, half-length
  • 1 x16 slot with x16 bandwidth, 3.0 full-height, half-length
RAID controllerIntegrated hardware RAID, 1GB non-volatile cache
Drive baysFour 2.5″ hot-plug SSD (SAS or SATA)
Hard DrivesIntel® S3610 200GB 2.5″, Enterprise SSD SATA mix use MLC 6Gbps
Embedded NICDual Port 1Gb LOM (management port)
NIC Adapter Options1Gbps dual-port bypass:

  • Copper (RJ45)
  • Single-mode Fiber LX (LC)
  • Multi-mode Fiber SX (LC)
Power supplyDual, redundant, hot-plug 550W AC power supplies
AvailabilityHigh-efficiency, hot-plug, redundant power; hot-plug SSDs; TPM; dual
internal SD support; fan fault tolerance
Harsh Environment testingMilitary Standard 810G for temperature, shock, vibration and altitude; Military Standard 910D for Shock
Telecom EnvironmentsNEBS Level 3, ETSI

Product Ordering Information

WarpEngine™ Carrier Edition – Ordering Part Numbers:

WE-1GC-2B-2C-U11G Copper with NIC bypass
WE-1GC-2B-2LXLC-U11G Fiber LX (single mode) with NIC bypass
WE-1GC-2B-2SXLC-U11G Fiber SX (multi-mode) with NIC bypass