Product Brief


WarpVM™ is a virtual implementation of WarpTCP™ that can be deployed at the edge of any cloud in front of latency sensitive applications to deliver local type performance to end users even at network distance. WarpVM™ can be integrated into virtual cloud servers or as a standalone image to deliver benefit to multi-hosted tenants. Additionally, WarpVM™ can be sold in the cloud marketplace as a standalone solution to cloud service customers. The deployment can be a virtual appliance or software depending on the requirement.

WarpVM Deployment Diagram

WarpVM™ is a scalable cloud solution for any Hypervisor and can be used in public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures. Benefit delivered can be anywhere from 5% – 300% faster downloads and web page delivery depending on network distance, the type of content, size of file, and whether or not there is a “wireless last hop” involved. Based on Badu Networks’ efficient WarpTCP™ technology, WarpVM™ was designed to offer improved throughput on Wi-Fi or mobile networks, as well congested wired networks.

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