Adding bandwidth does NOT always fix your Wi-Fi.

Wireless Last Hop

The “wireless last hop” is what we at Badu call the last segment of end to end performance from a server to an end user device – this last segment includes any Wi-Fi network at your home, business or public Wi-Fi hotspot. Also included is the “mobile last mile” between a Mobile Service provider and its customers.

Traditional 3rd party measurement platforms like Gomez, CatchPoint and Keynote measure the first, middle and last mile from the server to your house or business but fall short when it comes to measuring the “wireless last hop.”

Performance can be lightning fast from the server to your home or business – but if the wireless segment at the end is slow then end to end performance is slow as well – impacting the end user experience in a negative way.


The wireless last hop needs to be managed in an entirely different way. Badu had developed technology that helps companies manage the wireless last hop from their server infrastructure or close to the wireless AP. Badu also has products for Mobile Service Providers which can address the mobile last mile.

For more information, visit our Products page or download our Wireless Last Hop White Paper.