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Badu and the “Wireless Last Hop” at Streaming Media West

As you may know, the Streaming Media West conference was last week. The Badu booth was busy, especially after Mike Beard gave his informative talk on the “Wireless Last Hop.”

If you missed it, here’s a video for you. There was a miscommunication with the conference planners, so this ended up being an iPhone video instead of a steady tripod recording. But if you can ignore the occasional wobble, there’s lots of good info packed in this presentation.

Hello, Internet!

Badu Networks is born on this day, November 12, 2014 (at least our website is).

Badu Networks the company has been working for quite some time on its TCP optimization technology and product in stealth mode. We’ve been working in the depths of a wireless carrier’s core network refining and testing our WarpTCP™ technology. What started as a technology that can handle the scale and demands of a wireless carrier is now available in a wide range of deployment for everyone else; server-side to client-side and from infrastructure vendors like ISPs, CDNs, and ADCs to web businesses to small/medium businesses and soon to consumers.

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